The Ultimate Confidence Booster Course .

Benefits of this Course!

    Confidence is believing in yourself when no body else does . If you don’t believe in your self and if you don’t have confidence in  your self you are defeated twice in the race of life . The rewards for those who are confident today are staggering. Confidence is attractive. It breeds opportunity. It makes us stand our ground and assert our worth. Confidence in yourself is infectious – it inspires others to believe in you – and can be self fulfilling. Confidence is closely related to self-esteem . Self image is another important part of how you feel about yourself. Low self esteem means that you will have a poor image of yourself and this will result in a loss of confidence. .Self esteem will also help you at work. Your confidence and positive attitude will enable you to look and feel your best.


    Requirements :

    •This personal development course will start from scratch, no prerequisites are needed.

    • You can buy a notepad and get started .




    • To be more confident in your conversations , talk about something that interest you.
    • Be natural , honest and genuine to achieve highest level of confidence.
    • No matter what skills , talents , degrees you have they are all meaningless till you have self-confidence. 
    • Confidence is easily achieved by repetition and practice.Nervousness and anxiety can be overcome by practicing.
    • Fears can be eliminated by exposing yourself to the fears Positive self talk (pep talk ) help you boost your confidence.
    • Self affirmation aids in building positive self esteem and raising your confidence.
    • Don’t demoralize yourself , talk about your achievement and success for positive reinforcement.
    • Think win win , before starting a difficult work that can demoralize you .
    • Believe in your abilities to improve yourself

    Additional Material:

    Movies that can shoot up your confidence level:

    Assignment : Write a letter to your self , talk about all your success and achievements in life . Write about how good you are at different things . Read that letter everyday to yourself before going to bed . And pat yourself , applause your self for all your achievement. This assignment will help you boost your confidence .

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Course introduction!

Reveal your potential and boost your self confidence. Eradicate limiting beliefs and obstacles that are holding you back, because confidence will give you wings to fly.

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  • Name: waheed Ahmed
  • Expert in: BS
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