Virtual Yoga Classes for Beginners

Benefits of this Course!

    It is fact that you cannot always control what is outside your body , but you are capable of controlling what goes inside of your body . Join this especially designed Yoga classes for beginners and Take in charge of your body . Remember that you must take care of your body as your soul resides your in it , if you don’t take of your body you wouldn’t have a place to live .Yoga has several benefit . It not only improves our mental and physical health . But also helps us in achieving personal well being , satisfaction , self-actualization and contentment . Yoga provides us an opportunity to discover who we are . It is the best and cheapest remedy for people suffering from anxiety , depression and stress. Join this course and get guidance from the best instructors . This online yoga course: yoga for beginners, is self paced and offers you complete flexibility. Choose to study at a time and place that suits you, safe in the knowledge that help is always at hand. Although it has been created for beginners, we believe that everyone will find this online yoga course: yoga for beginners beneficial. The course is structured and carefully constructed so that you can start with the basics of yoga and progress at your own speed.


    Requirements :

    For beginners , no prerequisites you could join this class even if you are a tabula rasa . Hence it is just the right thing for beginners. 

    No equipment is required , yoga mat may use a yoga mat but its not a necessity No special foot ware is required , it is practiced barefoot with gentle foot movements as if you kissing the earth with your feet.

    The course is perfect for complete beginners and as such no previous experience is required.

    We have designed the course in such a way that we introduce you ourself with the science and history of Yoga , so don’t need to do a lot of prior homework.


    Learning Outcomes 


    Acknowledge the science and philosophy of Yoga.

    The audience will experience positivity of Yoga Maximum minutes Yoga a day to transform yourself.

    An alternative to Expensive Yoga classes , free tutorial one click away at the comfort of your home.

    Students will be able to personalize their own yoga sequence.

    By the end of the course students will be confident and effective in their yoga practice.

    Be able to meditate confidently and effectively Have an understanding of mantras and their benefit to you.

    Master breathing control Relish a full range of yoga poses “asanas”, intended to improve flexibility and posture.

    Achieve personal well being , inner calm by the help of Yoga Realize an inner calm as you learn to become self and body aware.

    Make yoga an essential part of your life Practice a variety of Sun Salutations Comprehension of the different types of yoga.

    Be introduced to the Sutra and the seven movements of yoga Harness your untamed mind and consciousness.

    Recognizing and Appreciating you self by the help of yoga leading to personal transformation and development.

    Practice with confidence, knowing you are fully supported by the course instructor .


    Summary :

    Yoga is an Indian custom , that has been extensively studied and adopted by the west Now Yoga is acknowledged and practiced globally Yoga is often mistaken for complicated postures and vigorous exercises however it is not so yoga also encompasses meditation and spiritual practices . Yoga is composed of gentle body movements and physical postures called Asa-Nas Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means to harness the untamed animal Yoga helps you improve you mental health , physical health , build you confidence and improve your self control . It gives you control of your mind , body and soul. Yoga helps you groom and improve your personality as it provides guidance on ethical practices and self development techniques. It is a personal recovery system for patients of anxiety , depression and other mental problems . It is not only about physical postures but also about spiritual states.

    The benefits of yoga are : relieve from health problems Stress management Positive change of behavior Self-actualization Make spine and muscles more limber


    Additional Material :


    Yoga and mediation music :

    Books on Yoga:

    Inspiring stories by real people : How yoga transformed their lives

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Course introduction!

(Introduction to Yoga : The journey of Self through the Self to the Self )

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