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    “What career would be the best for me? “We have been thinking and talking about this since childhood. When I was in junior school, our school magazine asked the students what they wanted to be. I remember almost everybody wanted to be a doctor. Honestly it is a non-sense to ask junior school children this question. Because they don’t have the slightest idea about what career is. In fact, majority of the students are not even serious about their career, profession and job during their college or university time. Students do not intend to visit the career services department of their university or college till their senior year. The questions and queries about our career and job start to daunt us when we are graduated or about to be graduated. Choosing the right field, the right career and job brings us success and well-being. However a poor choice can make us regret all our life. A fresh graduate faces many challenges like deciding a career, hunting a job, un- employment, underemployment and many others. Choosing the right career requires expert advice, a lot research and appropriate survey of the market. This course is a blessing for all you fresh graduates. The course is designed after some real good research and survey. It comprises of aptitude and personality tests that can help you determine the right career for you.If you want to prevent redundancy and get your hands on the dream job as soon as you graduate join this course and benefit from the expert advice. If you are graduating from your school, college or university and are planning to get on-board to your first career, this course might just be perfect for you.


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    The following factors should be considered when hunting for a job or deciding a career:

    Your skills and potentials are the easiest way to decide which career can suits you best. Knowing your skills and potentials is essential before you kick start a career. Staying aloof about your skills and not considering them while choosing a career might be a wrong decision .To put it simple if your writing skills are strong you should become an author and not a doctor just because its trendy.

    The norms and values are worth considering when deciding a career. Think about the description of your job would it fit the religious and social values inculcated to you? Will people readily accept you in that role? And most importantly will you be comfortable going against the norms and values you have lived by all your life. Will the chosen career perfectly fit in to your lifestyle and beliefs?

    Try avoiding career options that have any sort of constraints and limitations. Because constraints reduce the proficiency and productivity. Geographical location, family responsibilities, physical disabilities might hold you back and be a hindrance in your careers. If you cannot leave your family and travel overseas to establish a career don’t regret over it.

    You must be ambitious while being decisive about career. You should do a little long term planning. Think about when you want to get settled in life, start a family. Do you want a permanent stable job, or you want to switch between careers. Knowing your financial goals is also significant in deciding a career. Ask yourself whether the career you are opting, will be able to support the type of lifestyle you want.

    Ask yourself do you want to pursue a particular career just to make a handsome salary, is your purpose non-monetary. What matters most to you? Finding a job that can help you make lots of money or finding a job that satisfies your passion.

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