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Benefits of this Course!

    THis is an amazing Wordpress course taught in Urdu that is built in mind to prepare you for the real world. This quick course takes you from basic wordpress concepts to installation and then deploying your created website to live server. Taught by one of the leading wordpress experts in Pakistan who has years of experience, this short course is a great way to launch your own website within a day.

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Course introduction!

Learn Wordpress with practical examples from industry expert.

Teacher Biography

  • Name: waheed Ahmed
  • Expert in: BS
  • Lecturar in: instutor.com


  • What is a Website
    • A simple introduction on what a website really is and how Wordpress is linked to website design & development.
  • WordPress Introduction
    • Wordpress is a world famouns website publishing platform. But a quick background and introduction will make you feel more knowledgable and comfortable with it. Introduction in a simple language.
  • Structure of WordPress
    • Wordpress is very simple yet comprehensive platform. This lecture will help you understand the basic structure so that you understand the concept before you try the practical steps on Wordpress.
  • Installation of XAMPP for WordPress Site
    • Every website development on your local computer requires so server setup. This lecture will help you ready up your computer for Wordpress development.
  • WordPress Installation
    • Let's get practical. Now we'll teach you how to install the Wordpress.
  • WordPress Configuration
    • Once installation is done. The next step is tweaking the Wordpress to suit your purpose. This lecture will advise you on general configurations you need to do on Wordpress.
  • WordPress Dashboard
    • Time to understand Wordpress Dashboard so you konw on quick ways to manage your Wordpress website.
  • WordPress Categories & Media Files
    • Understand on how to create and manage categories and media files in a Wordpress environment.
  • Posting on WordPress
    • Now the fun part. Yes. Here you learn how to start posting content on your Wordpress website.
  • WordPress Pages
    • Details on how to create custom pages in Wordpress. This is very useful in many practical scenarios.
  • WordPress Comments
    • This lecture will teach on how to manage comments in a Wordpress website.
  • WordPress Themes
    • This is an important lecture. Here you'll learn on how to change look and feel of your Wordpress website by using beautiful themes.
  • WordPress Widget
    • Lecture on how to integrate different widgets to your Wordpress website to make it functionally enhanced.
  • WordPress Plugins
    • The power of Wordpress platform is that you can use a lot of plugins to extend the functionality and design of a Wordpress website. You always need to use some plug ins with Wordpress at some point. This lecture will help you in that case.
  • WordPress Users
    • Learn how to manage different users on a Wordpress website.
  • WordPress Tools
    • Wordpress platform offers different tools to manage your websites. Here we'll introduce those tools and tell ways to use them.
  • Creating a Complete WordPress Website
    • Congratulations. You are now ready to launch your website. This lecture will sum up all of your hard work and we'll advise on how to finally launch your website.