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    What’s the most used adjective in CVs, resumes and personal statements?  Most people tend to describe themselves as creative. I have used this word to describe myself and perhaps you have too .But it’s a matter to ponder over, am I really creative? Are all those people who claim  be creative,really are creative? In this competitive world creativity seems to be a necessity for all individuals. It is essential for survival and is considered as a Fundamental Human Skill.

    But the debate whether creativity is innate or learnt, often holds back a lot of people.  For those of you who blame their genes to lack creativity. Well the truth is creativity is a phenomenon that is learnt.

    There is another side of the story as well.Creativity tends to have a bad reputation. It is not very popular among people. Most people think that only artists and performers are creative. Therefore an engineer,or a business man may never consider themselves as creative. Creativity is just as important for a doctor as for a painter. Creativity is not just limited to arts and crafts, nor is it only limited to generating creative ideas.  Creativity can be seen in business, in social life in professional life.

    Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something original and valuable is made. The created item may be insubstantial (such as an idea, a scientific theory, a musical composition, or a joke) or a physical object (such as an invention, a literary work, or a painting).

    The problem is that we view creativity with a narrow aparurtre. It’s easy for us to say, “I am not creativity.”  We often face problems in finding inspirations to be creative. But what if I tell you that creativity is all around you, you just have to pause for a minute and look around with a wider aperture.  In this exploratory course we will help you to explore the treasures of creativity embedded within you. It will help you to think more creatively in any area of your life. The course provides you with the tools that you can use to utilize the resources and the environment around you to generate more creative solutions.  The course will simply unlock the creativity within you. And you will be able to use the creativity within you and around you more freely and sagaciously.

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A 9 hour well-resourced course to polish and refine your creativty.

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  • Name: waheed Ahmed
  • Expert in: BS
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  • A Creative World A General Creativity Workshop for Everyone.
    • Description: Is creativity innate or learnt? The topic has been under discussion since a long time.Before moving on with course, we must first address the same old question. Yes, some people might be born with the germs or genes of creativity in them. But trust me there is absolutely nothing in the world that cannot be learnt. Human life is a constant struggle of learning (from cradle to grave).And hence,you can learn to be creative over time. God has sown the seeds of creativity in everyone. However,some individuals are lucky enough that their seeds of creativity are sprouted and nurtured (environmental factors) into sturdy creative thinking abilities. Just like a gardener waters the seeds, creativity of a child is nourished by his parents, teachers and mentors. This course is a gardener that will sprout out your seeds of creativity and imagination even if the seeds are in period of dormancy. This introductory course,is especially beneficial for beginners or people who think they are non-creative.It will help you to think, dream and live more creatively. We will aid you to discover the creativity around you and also the creativity within you.This course shall provide you tools and resources that will switch on the genes of creativity in you. Learning Out Comes:  Sky Rocket your creative thinking by learning to efficiently use environment around you  Hands on learning and exercises to enrich your creativity.  Get to know the creative mindset that boosts up the creativity levels by 40 %  Channelizing your thought and ideas into creative directions.  Setting up your creative space.  Effortlessly incorporate creativity in your everyday tasks from professional to personal life.  Be a motivation to others to unleash their creativity.  Hypnosis to increase your visual imagination and subconscious creativity. Summary: Creativity can be learnt. It is a myth that people who can use right hemisphere of their brain are the only ones creativity abilities. Technically everyone has the power to use both hemispheres of the brain when generating ideas. The brain is a lazy organ. We have to push it to work hard. When it comes to being creative or creating an idea every human brain undergoes a typical sequence. When the brain is put in a situation and triggered to think. Normally the first ideas that come up are memories. As the brain has pre-existing links to the memories. When the brain is pushed further, it generates ideas that are closer to the memories .This generate a very ordinary idea. However when we push our brain further we generate very unique ideas. That have no link to the pre-existing ideas. These ideas are special and unique. But new ideas are distantly linked to old and existing information in the brain. You cannot expect yourself to compose a French song till you don’t know the language. According to a research conducted on twins, only 30 % of the creativity is innate, while the remaining is all owed to nature, your upbringing, your grooming and your environment. Our educational systems are not supporting creative thinking. We are all required to produce the right answer by learning it. We are not motivated to produce our own idea. As we want to avoid criticism. Creativity, new ideas and thoughts are often coupled with criticisms. Different aspects of creativity, trigger different parts of our brain. You need to enable different parts of the brain in order to come up with a new idea. Neuroscience and psychology have developed tests that can assess and measure the creativity of individuals. Additional Material: Test your Creativity: Products that boost your Creativity : Movies to help you beat the Creativity Slump:
  • A Mental Workout for Creative Writers (Tips & Tricks for Creative Writing)
    • Description: Just like physical exercise is mandatory to keep our body healthy and fit. Creativity and Creative Writing is essential to keep our brain muscles healthy and fit. Creative Writing is an exercise for our brain. It can also be considered as the lubricant that keeps our brain from getting rusty and rotten. Brian like all other muscles doesn’t deplete away by being used. Most people tend to run away when they are asked to participate in a creative writing task .Creative Writing does not have a good repute and is certainly not very popular. Only a few people adopt it as a hobby, and even lesser would adopt it as a profession. However Creative Writing is unavoidable, it is a part of our educational curriculum. Even after our school is over, creative writing may haunt us. We are required to be creative in our writing at some moment of our life. Whether it is writing a letter to your loved ones or drafting a research proposal for a business delegation. Yes we need to be creative in both formal and in formal writing styles. This course is designed to help you become more mindful of your writing style and improve your skills. The tips and tricks mentioned in the course will help you unlock your creativity and imagination. A stress-free, enjoyable course that shall give your creativity a writing jump start! If you are lacking inspiration to write, this course contains magic dust that will inspire and motivate you to start writing now. So grab your pen or keyboard and get started