Self-Driven Career Development and Management

Benefits of this Course!

    We all want to succeed and progress in our careers. No matter what professional level or field we belong to, we all must acquire the strategies and skills to thrive our careers. Career Development can be defined as “a never ending process of managing progression in learning and work.” This means to succeed in career development individuals must keep upgrading and improving themselves. Career development is important to meet our personal growth and to cope up with the progressing society. If we don’t develop and manage our career we cannot meet our life goals. If no career development occurs we will be left behind in this fast paced society. Our career development determines the socio-economic contribution we make to the society. A person with a successful career will be able to live a quality lifestyle. He will also be considered as a more productive and constructive member of the society. With an increasing competition for jobs, the chances of an individual’s employment and success in the chosen career greatly depend on his mastery of career development and management. ( P.Ducker) This course will teach you how to polish your professional skills and grow your professional network in order to develop a successful career. The course is designed after a substantial research. It is well resourced and a comprehensive course that will prepare you to flourish in your chosen career.


    Who is the target audience?

    ·         Professionals at any career level

    ·         The target audience is anyone who strives for a successful career.

    ·         For individuals exploring different career opportunities.

    ·         If you are looking forwards to change your career.

    ·         A student who wants to build his career from scratch.

    ·         Anyone concerned about self-improvement in professional & personal life.



    Only a minority of individuals graduate college or university with a pre-planned career path. Some students only mange to choose career before graduating and follow it successfully. I can understand how hard it is especially when we are living in an unpredictable world. Career planning and development should be done wisely. Firstly we all must understand that careers ought to be dynamic and transient.  This is because our preferences, priorities and lifestyles keep on changing. A youngster with no family pressure or financial constraints has fewer responsibilities and different preferences as compared to an adult who has to bear the responsibility of his family. Career Development is very important for professional and personal life. Your career needs to improve and change as your lifestyle changes and upgrades. We all need to constant assess our career development.

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Course introduction!

A comprehensive course that will help you to build and manage your own career with great perfection.

Teacher Biography

  • Name: waheed Ahmed
  • Expert in: BS
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  • Learn what career development is, and why is it becoming a necessity.
    • This course will give out the definition and introduction of career development. The audience will be briefed about what is career development and why is it becoming popular lately.
  • Topic 2:Career management in your hands.( Tips & tools for self-directed career management & development.)
    • After realizing how important career development is.We look forward to how we can perform it. We believe that our career development is the job of a career guide or a counselor. This course will eliminate the need of a career guide as we will teach you how to take career development in your hands. The tips, tools and instructions given out will guide you to self-directed career management and development.
  • Topic 3:Professional networking: The key to career development.
    • Imagine you are stranded on an isolated island all alone with no technology or gadgets. How long would you survive? You need to make connections to survive. We all are dependent on each other for personal, professional and social reasons.In this era of globalization, Professional Networking is a necessity. You need to have a professional network to hunt a job, establish business, change a career, etc. Technology and internet has made networking easier. This informative course will teach you how to use the current technologies and gadgets for efficient professional networking.
  • Topic 4:A swift & smooth career shift (A step by step guide for a career change)
    • Don’t panic if you are thinking of career change. You are not the first person on earth to commit this crime. You might be daunted by the horrible consequences of the failure of your career change. But “Let’s Think Win Win.” Think of the possibilities and likely hood of a successful career change. This course is designed to decrease the chances of the failure, and increase the chances of a successful, swift and smooth career shift.