Appearance Matters:

Benefits of this Course!

    Your appearance dictates how you are treated. Don't hate on me just yet. Yes, appearance matters. That is a fact of life. But I'm not talking about you needing to look like a supermodel to be liked. What I'm talking about is how you are perceived by others is based on how you present yourself. For instance, a person in a well-fitted and wrinkle-free outfit, clean fingernails, neat hair, and a little color from makeup is generally taken more seriously by prospective employers. Compare this to a person who is unkempt in baggy sweatpants, a tattered shirt, dirty nails, and messy hair, or a woman in an extremely short and tight dress, with a very low neckline. Remember that this is still a part of non-verbal communication. Being neat and tidy expresses that you have your act together, while looking disheveled or vulgar automatically tags all sorts of negative (though, not necessarily true) traits to you. You don't have to be scantily clad or be in in designer clothing or done by professional stylists 24/7 to be taken seriously. But being presentable, as opposed to being raunchy or untidy, indirectly tells people that you respect yourself and that you should be respected. Aesthetics are important, just not in the way you think. How well you treat yourself and how you are treated lies in how neat and clean you are. This course will talk about how you can improve certain aspects to be more presentable . It is not limited to ladies only . Men need to look presentable too . Don’t they ?


    • Not much is required but definitely an interconnection .
    • You will need to measure yourself, so you will need a measuring tape.
    • You will want to take notes, so have a pen and paper handy

    Learning Outcomes :

    • By being more presentable Improvement in their personality shall occur.
    • Better present yourself to the world increase confidence and self-esteem.
    • Save their valuable time they waste on coordinating and purchasing their wardrobe.
    • Improve their wardrobe How to leave a memorable first impression.
    • Usage of proportion and line to appear taller and slimmer.
    • Personalize their style and keep up dated and in-vogue.
    • Improve personal and professional relationships.
    • Create new opportunities in your career and personal life


    Summary :

    In this competitive world , we all need to present the best of us not only in our professional but also personal life It is a harsh reality , but we have to accept it that people judge us by our appearance . If we choose not to groom our self then that’s our choice perhaps we are comfortable that way way . But we must then be ready to face the consequences There are many ways to be more presentable : be confident ( nothing can make us look more presentable than wearing confidence ) Confidence is the backbone of our personality strong communication skills ( using our tones and voice modulation to appear presentable ) Grooming our appearance ( choosing the hairstyles , shoes , and dress that suit and compliment our body ) Our body language , gestures and facial expressions contribute a lot to make us appear presentable Social etiquettes such as dining manners , part manners polish us and make us more appealing to others.


    Additional Material

    Join the Facebook group for more feedback on styling and looking presenatable

    Undertake an quiz to find out your body type and clothes that suit you.

    Download top free applications to get latest updates on fashion

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