A Layman's Guide to Safety & First Aid Training

Benefits of this Course!

    One of the most pressing issue in the modern era is the issue of safety and security of individuals and communities. Everyday causalities, traumas, sudden health problems, fatal injuries, terrorism, environmental catastrophes are the biggest fears to mankind. The world has always been an unsafe place to live. We are no different than the cave men.Ofcourse our ancestors had different safety and security issues than ours. Luckily we have lesser chances to be attacked by a predator. Unluckily we are exposed to many other safety and security issues. The human life is most unpredictable. We all are prone to causalities and we all are at stake of calamities and disasters. However life is valuable. Everyone must know the basics safety guidelines to prevent an accident or a hazard because prevention is better than cure. And if the accident, disaster or hazard occurs we all must be prepared and ready to face it and survive it.

    This is an introductory but comprehensive course for individuals. It will enlighten the students about the basics handling and providing first aid in cases of emergencies, causalities and catastrophes. It focuses on application and implementation of first aid and life saving techniques in today’s world. It will also acquaint the students to the theme of safety and security and address the issues of meeting such challenges with confidence. The course has used a multi-disciplinary approach (ranging from everyday accidents to crisis management to medical and health issues) .The hands on approach and real life models will provide students with a better understanding and mastery of the course. The course will elaborate on various aspects pertaining to health, safety and security of individuals. It is very important to create awareness among masses on how to deal and behave in emergency situations rather than creating panic. Join this course so that you can be of help to yourself and others.



    No previous training is required.

    Mindfulness and the readiness to attend and meet adverse challenges.

    First Aid kit (optional).

    Basic understanding of human anatomy.


    Target Audience:

    ·         Individuals (men & women) 18 or above.

    ·         Prospective students who desire to help themselves and others in cases of emergency and disasters.

    ·         Practitioners of relief, rescue, first aid, safety and security.



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Value life: Learn Basic Safety to Prevent Accidents & Acquire First Aid Trainings to Save a Life

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  • Name: waheed Ahmed
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